Hello world!

So finally I took the plunge,the jump,the dive,the nosedive….

Millions of ideas were teeming in my brain, crawling up my skin like ants, buzzing incessantly like pesky mosquitoes needing to be squatted with a pen.

Like all of us who love to read, dream to write one day. I too dreamt and dreamt and went on dreaming without putting anything on paper(the old classic way) or here in this case the Blog. But in the last few days I happened to read a few articles here and there( all making it big in the blogging world) and the itching started again.

So looked up the” THE FAST AND SURE METHODS OF WRITING A BLOG” “THE SUREST WAYS OF DIRECTING TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG/ WEBSITE” “BLOGGING MADE EASY” and about 174662332 more links  which I did not even click  on which I came across. But then serendipity and Lo Behold I come across WordPress. It all looked so easy that I said “And why not?”

Then for the next step. I must say I took the easier way out. I  called or rather Whatapped my friends and family, took their blessings and permission, prayed,pried,plotted and procured the right to use our collective experiences as a woman to fill up the pages of this blog  (without all of them barging up my door with a legal notice and a defamation case in today’s world of intellectual property rights). As women in general we have so much in common transcending world borders languages,and age. So here I am  learning the ropes and hoping to connect with you all  cause I am just another Woman……

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8 Responses to Hello world!

  1. ranju says:


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  2. Richa says:

    Super Yosha… all the very best for this new beginning

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  3. Vidya says:

    All the best!

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  4. Romsha singh says:

    Cool start Yosha di… All the best n finally ur rolling with words!!! Love n luck 👍😊

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  5. Kavita says:

    Beautiful di. Loved it. Very well done. Keep it up. Best of luck

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  6. Mr Tookles says:

    Oh this would have made a nice about page too. Very nice write up! ❤

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  7. You are welcome !😊


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