For the love of books


 So first the nosedive and now….freefall !

It is so much more easier to start a new venture than to sustain and keep it afloat.So unlike all my unfinished projects, my intricate embroideries, those massive cross stitch works, those half knit sweaters which my mother and grandmother finally completed, I do want to write this blog. To share my love for reading, to pen down those thoughts that zip across my mind at the most inopportune moments( like when I am teaching my younger one grammar  or tables or reprimanding my maid for the umpteenth time about a chore left undone) . These ideas fly past like snitches from a  Harry Potter movie. Here now and gone the next.

During those so long gone carefree days of school and college I was an avid reader. fiction usually but cover to back cover in one go.  This love for reading was…

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