Saffron White and Green

Sixty-nine years ago, a country with a, glorious gloden past, a country which was put into irons, stifled and subjugated finally managed to unshackle herself and feel the rays of an  independant dawn upon her face almost after two hundred years.

What was once a golden bird again tried to spread her broken wings ,ready to fly out of this cage once and for all.The air that she would now fly in was her own, the trees that now she would rest upon would be her own, the grains she would now feed upon would be her own , the water she would now drink would be her own. So with the first stuttering stumbling steps she tried to fly again for she had to reach for the stars and fall on the clouds to get somewhere and she knew that if she stayed on the ground with the crowd all around she’d get nowhere. So with the wind beneath her wings she started to fly again and grew stronger and stronger and today as she rises above the clouds envious glances often come her way .The air that she flies in is riddled with dangers both seen and unseen  but India flies high and strong.

The 15 th of August is a celebration for all of us Indians. The politico,the glitterati the literate,  the illiterate, the patriot , the unpatriotic, the common man . This celebrations has different connotations, differently interpreted by all. For some it is a well deserved paid holiday because we live in an Independent India, for some  a day to dust out  the politically correct dress and be seen in the correct circles. For some,  day to load the whats app page , Facebook, twitter and other social media with independence day messages and flags, because it is the in thing to do , flaunt your love for the country. But for most of us Indians it is  day of great respect and joy. The date itself  15th August tugs at the heartstrings in a special way like no other. Thousands of tricolours are in the market flying high , children buying tricoloured ribbons, wrist band, pin up flags,  mothers somewhat forcefully preparing tricoloured lunches for their children to take to school . The enthusiasm is so evident in children but there is cynicism also afloat. As we   tend to grow older some how we tend to see just the negativity  all around us. We have started to take this independence for granted. This present generation has not seen the struggle, the pain , the sacrifice ,the blood that anointed this freedom that we tend to  take to last forever .We pay homage to all the sons and daughters who laid their lives for this freedom. The biggest ever non violent revolution that made the world take notice.

Cynicism step aside, there is an Indian  heart beating in every one of the 1.25 billion bodies. The heart that loves the motherland in spite of all shortcomings. the heart that beats in bodies that live beyond her borders. The heart that sings the national anthem with goosebumps  on skin whenever JANA GANA MANA is played in the background.

My heart is so warmed today to see the enthusiasm and fervour with which my younger one made patriotic floats and posters and tricolour bookmarks and my elder one did not once complaint that he had to go  for independence day  celebrations to  school on a  supposed holiday. Let the love for motherland prevail over all else….. I may sound like an incurable romantic patriot….. but then……I am just another Indian woman…..

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