my little brother

I had a little brother

Who has now grown so tall

I cant see the toes of him

Or the top at all!

I tried to climb upon a chair

To breathe down his neck

But I had to scamper up the stairs

Oh! what the heck!

When we were small he’d often ask

To do projects and help

And in that glory I would bask

Do my errands I ‘d yelp!

But now he has grown tall you see

I have to look up to him

spreading like a shady tree

The harsh sun seems so dim!

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3 Responses to my little brother

  1. Pratyush says:

    The trip down memory lane often reminds us from where we started. And while we might feel the we have come far and away, in reality most of us remain closest and most connected only to our roots.
    Great words sister ! you make me sound much taller than I am.

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  2. You are beautiful human being, who care about every one surrounding you !!😊 awesome poem !!!😊


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