It’s all about respect

If I say thank you and please ,That’s because I respect you

If I clean my desk ,that’s because I respect my class

If I straighten my tie, that’s because I respect my uniform

If I polish my shoes, that’s because I respect cleanliness

If I step aside to let the teachers pass, that’s because I respect my elders

If I don’t  shout in the class , that’s because I respect decorum

If I sing the national anthem correctly, that’s because I respect my country

If I make up after a fight, that’s because respect my adversary

If I stand and wait in a queue,that’s because I respect order

Because if I don’t learn to stand for something today,

I will fall for anything tomorrow!

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5 Responses to It’s all about respect

  1. Yes, respect is really important in showing humanity 🙂 How are you yosh?


  2. yoshasingh says:

    doing fine shine.yes respect is very important. and in today’s scenario it is the fastest dissapearing thing.this was a writeup for my younger one’s class bulletin board


  3. Yosha, your poems are very deep and really make you think. How long does it take you to write one down? I have also nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award as your poems deserve a lot lot more attention 🙂 Good Luck!


  4. yoshasingh says:

    hi thankyou for appreciating and nominating i feel so poems just happen I might just think a while and lines develop suddenly,but sometimes i have had my writers rut too. thankyou for enjoying my poetry.see you soon at your new post too.


  5. Awesome !😊 respecting others , great !!


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