Would have loved to get  a gift ,

One that was my heart’s desire.

No one would be able to shift,

Dear precious gift from the mantle fire!

Elaborate packaging of red and green,

Ribbons of yellow like gold  do shine .

From afar,this vantage point is seen,

Up beyond reaching hands of mine!

Letting it sit with a dream inside. !!

While I was responding to writing 201’s word prompt GIFT… and rediscovered acrostics again the idea for this blog post also germinated…

The above poem describes the sheer joy of a small child who receives a gift he or she has so anticipated, but upon receiving it does not for now want to even unravel it. The child knows what the beautiful package holds and that it is now in his possession forever but prolongs the moment of anticipation and actualization.

Gift – the word itself is a bundle of myriad emotions, connotations, mystery, all rolled into one. When we hear the word gift a feeling of happiness envelops us like a warm blanket. Surprise joy pleasure, love, all happen at the same time. Hardly have I ever seen a person whose attention is not hooked instantly on hearing the word.

Butterflies in the stomach..  anticipation and definitely want …to varying degrees as we span the continuum from a child to an adult. Children are so fascinated by gifts ..Christmas, birthdays , any occasion  you name.  some just want to open the rainbow wrappings and see for themselves if it is the latest fad,  a doll , a toy , a video game, maybe a sports gear ,or a branded shoe, chocolates,  maybe just maybe  a book( but the numbers are few and far between). For them the opening of the parcel is the ceremony… tearing the wrapping, getting the first glimpse is the joy. For some the thing inside is the high point. The happiness lies in the possession of the new article. And then there are some who cherish the very thought of being gifted. Like Willie Wonka they tea sure their new possession and savor it for time to come. Then again birthdays are such big occasions… my younger one countdowns months and days from the very next day of his birthday to the next. There would be a number of gifts in between but birthday gifts are special .he often asks me what have I planned for his birthday  and I say”surprise” but that doesn’t deter him. “Okay so what is the surpirise”  … as if I haven’t learnt my lessons until now ..if I tell him ,the surprise is gone and then I have to think of a new one before the big day…so no mister you don’t get to know it yet!

Children aside all adults also love gifts…and god only knows how many of us have fallen into the honeytrap of marketers who very well know how to exploit this emotion. Fill this form and get a surprise gift. Buy the product get a big gift…all too convincing.

But somehow down the line some more parameters have become associated with the bacis joy of gifting…the pricetag , the brand, the status symbol. We live in this material world and as very rightly put by MADDONA…am a material girl, boy boss, family….eyebrows are directly proportionate to the price!!

But all said and done a gift should be appriciated for the very essence of the joy of giving and receiving…. The thought and love that has gone behind selecting the very gift. The joy that it should bring and the humility and pleasure with which it should be accepted!

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4 Responses to GOT A GIFT

  1. Awesome ! Beautiful poetry !😊


  2. niki says:

    Lovely thought !


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