just another woman (about)

That’s what I am… just another woman. I am Yosha Singh a stay at home mom of two handsome young men and wife to a very loving and caring husband.

I am  an MBA and a graphic designer but at the moment I choose to do what I am best at…taking care of my very loving family.It was a choise rather than compulsion to stay at home because at the end of the day the smile on their faces makes it worth the effort.

I have always been fond of reading  so I finally decided to take the plunge. I have had my shares of ups and downs, seen my peers whiz past and my life stand still. But along the way I managed to snatch a few snippets and some dreams, so  I invite all of you to take a peek and share this wonderful life through my blog.

I would  have loved to write this blog daily but as all mothers (stay at home or working) would definitely agree that a  woman’s work is never done so I will try writing at least a few times a week…. a few moments of peace,solitude and happiness that I shall award myself.

My name Yosha means a girl in Hindi(India), and that is what I am just another girl….just another woman…


4 Responses to just another woman (about)

  1. Shubhanshu says:

    Great blog !! looking forward to more posts from you 🙂 !!


  2. Never stop writing. Share it with the world. I will look forward to your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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