For the love of books

 So first the nosedive and now….freefall !

It is so much more easier to start a new venture than to sustain and keep it afloat.So unlike all my unfinished projects, my intricate embroideries, those massive cross stitch works, those half knit sweaters which my mother and grandmother finally completed, I do want to write this blog. To share my love for reading, to pen down those thoughts that zip across my mind at the most inopportune moments( like when I am teaching my younger one grammar  or tables or reprimanding my maid for the umpteenth time about a chore left undone) . These ideas fly past like snitches from a  Harry Potter movie. Here now and gone the next.

During those so long gone carefree days of school and college I was an avid reader. fiction usually but cover to back cover in one go.  This love for reading was a direct genetic unmutated transfer from my maternal grandfather.   A handsome  septuagenarian bibliophile. though coming from the old school of thought and very hard earned money he did not believe in spending frivolously but books were his passion. ans so were mine. He would say no to many things but books ,never. He initiated us all brothers and sisters into our affair with books, book fairs, soviet publications ,readers digest, amar chitra katha.

Today when I dust my son’s book shelves, there are many books there but all gathering dust. I just feel  a prick sometimes when my sons reach for the i-pad before they reach for the books. But then Who is to blame? It is us who have put the i-pad there instead of books. I am hoping against hope that some day the action shall be reversed.But all in good time .And as the saying goes… you can take the horse to the waters but you cannot make it drink… There will be a day when my horses shall drink the elixir .. and so hope I must like all  mothers like me….cause i’m just another woman

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Hello world!

So finally I took the plunge,the jump,the dive,the nosedive….

Millions of ideas were teeming in my brain, crawling up my skin like ants, buzzing incessantly like pesky mosquitoes needing to be squatted with a pen.

Like all of us who love to read, dream to write one day. I too dreamt and dreamt and went on dreaming without putting anything on paper(the old classic way) or here in this case the Blog. But in the last few days I happened to read a few articles here and there( all making it big in the blogging world) and the itching started again.

So looked up the” THE FAST AND SURE METHODS OF WRITING A BLOG” “THE SUREST WAYS OF DIRECTING TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG/ WEBSITE” “BLOGGING MADE EASY” and about 174662332 more links  which I did not even click  on which I came across. But then serendipity and Lo Behold I come across WordPress. It all looked so easy that I said “And why not?”

Then for the next step. I must say I took the easier way out. I  called or rather Whatapped my friends and family, took their blessings and permission, prayed,pried,plotted and procured the right to use our collective experiences as a woman to fill up the pages of this blog  (without all of them barging up my door with a legal notice and a defamation case in today’s world of intellectual property rights). As women in general we have so much in common transcending world borders languages,and age. So here I am  learning the ropes and hoping to connect with you all  cause I am just another Woman……

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